Today’s actually available list for Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Maple Grove, and Osseo…

As you know when you shop now a day online you find more than just those homes that are actively available. Houses will commonly show up as available until the inspection period is over, leaving many to inquire only to find out somebody else has already purchased that particular home. With our daily list of the homes actually available you can eliminate the potential of finding homes that you can’t actually buy and focus your time on those that are actually available.

What’s really available in Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Maple Grove, and Osseo today…

Here’s your list sorted by city and price… For online access to this and much more give us a call today at 763-269-2138 or simply email me at brian@bdgrealtors and we’ll set something specifically up for you.

What’s actually Available?

Here’s todays list of what’s actually available in Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Maple Grove, and Osseo. For online access to more information, pictures, and expedited and convenient searches and search organization tools give us call today.

Today in Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Maple Grove, and Osseo

Brooklyn Center – 6 (5 of which on the market 6 days or less!)

Brooklyn Park – 65 (5 100-200, 17 200-300, 25 300-400, 11 400-500, 5 500-600, 2 600-700)

Champlin – 21 (8 200-300, 4 300-400, 2 400-500, 2 500-600, 3 600-700, 1 700-800, 1 > 1 million)

Maple Grove – 123 (2 100-200, 12 200-300, 29 300-400, 24 400-500, 24 500-600, 14 600-700, 6 700-800, 9 800-900, 2 900-1million, 1 > 1 million)

Osseo – 0

Ever want a list of only what’s truly available?

Our customers can login and see that, attached is a pdf of the mobile version they see. It’s sorted by city alphabetical then price increasing. Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Maple Grove, and Osseo. There’s much more under the hood with our exclusive Search Assist system, but sometimes people just want to know what’s really out there. We update this daily. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our local market you see here can be replicated for any specific search criteria or area you’re interested in. Anything you can imagine we can make available. Contact us today for more information. Let’s make your search easier and more productive.

What’s not to love…

New construction, Rush Creek, space, mix of 80’s basement throw back and today’s high end modern design…

Let the Spring begin…

It finally feels like and is starting to look like the Spring is finally about to arrive with a slight uptick in activity this week and a few more new listings than the past few weeks. In our market there is only one listing over a million dollars…

100k and 200k – 9

200k and 300k- 40

300k and 400k – 64

400k and 500k – 40

500k and 600k – 35

600k and 700k – 19

700k and 800k – 9

800k and 900k – 9

900k and 1 million – 2

New Construction 42% of market

Looking through the market today (Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Maple Grove, and Osseo, not counting bank owned and investment flips, 83 of the 195 homes for sale in our market are new construction. At high price points. That’s nearly 42% of the market. Some interesting things are happening…

Interesting times…

At first glance when looking on any of the major real estate websites, first look can be a bit misleading. For example, take Maple Grove, if you searched Maple Grove earlier today there were 162 listings showing as Active. But, dig into that a little more and you’ll see only 124 are actually available, 38 of the 162 are under contract or not available for another reason. Dig into the 124 that are remaining, and take out new construction, bank owned, and investment flips, and you’re down to 54 properties, take out the townhomes you’re down to 47. Pretty big difference between 162 and 47. Take any price point from there and ultimately, you’re going to have a few homes to choose from. Every city / market / neighborhood is different, but it gets to be pretty fun to dig into your desired area with you to help make your search easier. Give us a call and we’ll introduce you to our Search Assist site and a few more tools that will make your search much easier and more productive. Odds are you’re search is harder than it has to be. We can help.

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